after-sales service

2018-03-10 14:56:50

Hosting services?
1, after buying mining machine, mill will be the host in the professional field, maintenance, 24 hours a day by technicians from the date of purchase, logistics, 3-7 working days can start deployment of mining, the customer provide wallet address directly, every moment can inquire on the mineral pool their mill yields and working condition.
2. The online staff shall conduct a real 24-hour inspection and troubleshoot. People who don't understand can also get involved, so that they can reduce more trivia and don't bother to study the product's performance and after-sales problems.
3, the noise of the machine in the home and high electricity problems, mine infrastructure costs about 10000 in 15 million, spent more than 3 months, can save money to buy more ore machine, shorten the start-up time, maximize the miners earnings.

What are the hosting costs?
1. The hosting service fee shall be charged at 100 pieces per month; Specifically look at the contract at that time, a lot of time concessional activity has free service charge activity.
2. The electricity fee shall be charged according to the actual power consumption, and the other 5 percent of the heat dissipation cost (fan, water curtain, etc.) shall be paid to the contract at that time.
3. The maintenance fee and the custodial service fee shall be paid in advance for one month, and the deposit will be turned on after the deposit.

How about maintenance?
1, daily mining professional and technical personnel check online hosting mining machine condition and calculate the force situation, if dropped calls, low calculate force when the abnormal situation, will deal directly with, and regularly every day to the mill for routine maintenance, clean up dust and so on.
2, buy machine in this field in the three months from the date of purchase, if a machine stop mining caused by quality problems, maintenance time after more than 24 hours, Internet field will begin to give force compensation, for example, a machine stop for two days, the interconnected field to provide free machine input customer wallet address dig one day.

* safe and stable regular electricity consumption.
* the lowest price for the same service.
* maximize time savings.
* after-sales guarantee card is extended to half a year warranty for other accessories.
* extended machine life.
* the environment is dry and the air temperature is low.

mining machine warranty?
Unlike consumer electronics, the mining machine is tailored to the needs of the customer, and the investment needs to be cautious. The after-sales service policy of this product is as follows. Once purchased, it is deemed to be the identity of this policy.
1. No refund or return after payment, whether or not delivered.
2. The warranty period of the miner's products shall be 90 days from the date of spontaneous delivery.
3. Due to the market fluctuation, the product price may be adjusted at any time after you purchase. We do not undertake the obligation of prior notice and price compensation.

The following situations will invalidate the warranty:
1. The mining machine itself is disassembled, and the components are changed and replaced.
2. Damage caused by lightning, voltage surge and poor power supply;
3. Damage caused by moisture and corrosion of water, circuit boards and components;
4. The circuit board has burned traces or the chip has been burned;
5. Overclocking.
If the above situation occurs, please contact us to provide the maintenance service for your miner.