Paymert Issue

2018-01-15 11:20:39

Method of payment
A: domestic RMB payment. The overseas customer usd payment and BTC and ETH payment are all available.
Product delivery
A: after the full payment of the order, we will arrange the delivery in the expected time. The logistics service is provided by the third party logistics company. Please follow the logistics itinerary according to the logistics number. The retail price of the product does not include the freight, the time of delivery is normal, and the customer needs to understand that the delivery time of the factory is the estimated time, and the time is not 100% guaranteed. After we deliver the product to the carrier, the delivery will be completed and the ownership of the product will be transferred to you. Your risk of damage and loss will be borne by you.
A: once the mining machine is sold, no refund or return is supported. If there are special circumstances, please contact us.
Repair of defective products and product problems.
Answer: in the warranty period, if the product defects because of the product itself (not including quality assurance under the restrictions of flaws), you can return goods for repair in accordance with regulations of the quality assurance at its own cost, but should be found in product defects within a reasonable time after the returned goods. After receiving the original product and handling the related service process, we will send back the repaired products. You will need to bear the shipping costs of the products returned.