Miner trusteeship

2018-01-15 11:25:48


 1. Support all kinds of mining machines, and make sure that they are commonly used models and specifications before hosting, with special sizes and specifications and customer service confirmation.

2. Escrow belong to the additional services, hosting services in the right side mill in the operation of the mine pool is force and mineral pool gains commitment, this is why the machine itself, beginners can dig customer understand the specific reasons, please.

3. The HuLianZaiXian all the right to interpret the managed rules.


1. The mine 1000 sets up: the electricity charge is 0.30 yuan/degree. the more you buy, the cheaper you'll be.

2. Charge a fixed power of 0.45 yuan/KWH for the electricity charge, and do not charge maintenance fee.

3. Payment method: one month for one month's electricity charge, and the logistics fee shall be paid by the customer.

4. Professional deployment and 24-hour maintenance.

 The deployment of

 1. After the managed miner is transported to the mine, it will be deployed in batches for about 3~5 working days.

2. The party providing the hosting service will record the time on the mining machine, and start to calculate the electric charge at the time, and the time will be accurate to one day, less than one day per day.

3. The miner will be named as the miner by frame number.


 1. The mine has professional personnel to carry out daily maintenance.

2. If the mining machine is out of power and has low power, it can be reported to the mine personnel through the miner's name.

3. After receiving the request for repair, the mining personnel will conduct the processing, and the completion time will depend on the failure of the machine.

4. The party providing the hosting service shall not bear the loss of revenue caused by the maintenance of the machine, and the electricity fee shall be calculated according to the theoretical power consumption (special treatment with maintenance time exceeding 15 days)

 The shelves

 1. Users who need to retrieve the miner need to report to the official after-sales service three working days in advance for the mining machine.

2. The freight generated by the sending of the ore machine shall be borne by the user.

3. Pay the electricity fee before the mining machine is retrieved, otherwise the miner will be detained until the electricity is paid.


 1. The mine USES the national public network to supply power, and the probability of power failure is very small, but there are also possible power cuts, such as the notification of large line maintenance by the state and government departments such as urban overhaul.

2. The LAN of the mine and the network with external communication may fail.

3. The party providing the hosting service shall not be liable for compensation due to legal policy, war, earthquake, fire and power failure, which may cause the mine to be unable to continue operation.

 Select the hosting service, which is the default read and agree to the above terms.